Golf's Koolest Accessory is here! Kool-Tee is the golfing tool  that eliminates the need to
bend over on the course making your golf game more enjoyable and easier on your back.. 

KOOL TEE features a durable aluminum shaft and strong ABS components. This handy golf device is easy to use and has many applications on and off the golf course. Below are some photos showing you how easy it is to use KOOL TEE

Step 1.
Grab Your Tee and Ball
Step 2.
Insert Ball and Tee
Insert the ball first then slide the tee into the slot on the claw
Step 3.
Set the Ball and Tee
Push straight down to set the tee at the desired height
(without squeezing the trigger)
Step 4.
Release the Ball and Tee
Squeeze the trigger to release the ball
KOOL TEE straight away from the ball without lifting.

Take a look at a few of the most common golf related tasks you can do with KOOL TEE

Pick up your ball with the suction cup or....

Pick up your ball with the claw - on the grass, out of the cup or out of a basket on the driving range. The claw can also help pick up a club, sand rake or flag stick and even place a ball marker on the green.

The spade allows you to pick up golf tees and litter. Use it to fix divots, repair ball marks and to stake
in the ground.


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